How to play

Playing games online has been a favorite past time for both young and old. Choosing the type of games which most people play is very important because most of us just want an easy type of game with a little challenge so as not to cause us stress because we just really want to relax. The game Gold Miner will definitely fall into this category.

In order to be able to be successful in playing the game Gold Miner, players must take note of some important things to do while playing the game. First, they are required to catch the gold and/or the gemstones within the given time limit and they have to catch as many as they can so that they can reach the number of points that each level requires in order to be able to jump to the next higher level.

However, there are certain obstacles that the player should avoid such as the dynamite because this will result in a deduction of points which may affect their chance of being able to proceed to the next level. Aside from that, the crane which is used to catch the gold and the gemstone is constantly moving thus making it difficult to hit the target and in the succeeding levels, it will move faster making it more challenging to catch the gold.

Indeed, the game Gold Miner is both fun and challenging yet many people love playing this game because they can easily access it online.

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